A Disturbing New Trend

Let me start by saying this is a post about poop. I know. I try hard not to air any dirty laundry here (haha, get it? Okay, sorry. It’s a lame attempt to make this distributing new trend humorous…), but this is just something I need to put out into the world and hope you brilliant mommy minds have a solution.

My kid is throwing poop.

Specifically, he’s taking off his clothes, then his diaper, apparently pooping in the crib and then throwing it out of the crib – because, really who wants to sleep next to a pile of poop, he seems to be asking me when I ask him why the poop is on the floor.

This happened Friday during nap time. Disgusting, but slightly humorous considering what else we were dealing with that day. We cleaned it and peanut up and had a good laugh at peanut’s poopy party.

Last night, I went in for my customary pre-mommy-bedtime check around 10:30 and found peanut sleeping peacefully, completely nekkid. No jammies. No diaper. Nada. The hubby and I managed to get a diaper and a shirt on without actually waking peanut up all the way and it did not appear that any bathroom activity had taken place up to that point. Then, the hubby went to get peanut out of his crib at 7:15 this morning and he was nekkid again. With a pile of poop on the floor. Again.

Really? Come on. It’s bad enough I have to clean it up in a diaper, do I really now have to pick it up off the floor? Not to mention the amount of laundry I’m doing to wash the sheets, the blankets, the stuffed animals. Not to mention the extra bath this warrants before my coffee’s taken affect.

So, you wise mothers of the Internet…ideas? I’m going to try putting his diaper on backwards like a mother suggested today and try putting his zip-up jammies on backwards, too so he can’t get at the zipper – although that will have to wait until it’s cool enough to actually warrant fleecy, footie jammies (today we’re in short sleeves and sitting under ceiling fans). Any other thoughts?

Should make next week at my folks’ house interesting. Good thing they’ve got the tan carpet upstairs!

9 thoughts on “A Disturbing New Trend

  1. I’ve heard about things like this, and now I’d officially like my little guy to stay his current age forever! That way, perhaps we’ll avoid the poop-throwing monkey business!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear!Would he be willing to wear a sleep sack? The Halo ones are a nice lightweight cotton (they have fleece too, of course), and I think they make them in toddler sizes. One more nice zippered layer to get through… Man, I’m going to keep my kids in those things for a long time! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness this made me laugh!! But not AT you…Try duck tape!! Sorry, we have our share of poop moments, but she hasn’t managed this one yet. Poor Monica!!

  4. Yup- I second the recommendation for duct tape; wrap a strip of it completely around his waist; not too tight of course; but so that he can’t get the diaper off. Good Luck!! Yikes! Beth (mommy to a busy 5-yr old)

  5. Oh no! I wish I had some advice for you on this one. I know it’s not funny, but it will be a good story to tell him – nice and embarrassing for later on. Good luck. Duck tape sounds like a good recommendation!

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