High Heeled Mamas UNITE!!

High Heeled Sis called me this afternoon on her way back to the office after grabbing lunch. She said she needed to tell me about a sad story she just witnessed:

She was standing in the sandwich shop line waiting to order her lunch. A mom was sitting at a nearby table eating with her three-year-old daughter. The daughter took a look at High Heeled Sis and said:

“Mommy, do you have shoes like that?”

“Like what? High heels?” The mom responded.

“Yeah. They are pretty.” (NOTE: High Heeled Sis does have some pretty sassy shoes) “Do you have shoes like that?”

“I used to,” the mom replied with a sigh. “I used to.”

I think starting in the New Year we’ll need to have a few designated “Wear Your High Heels to the Playground/Grocery Store/Target/While Folding Laundry” days to keep us High Heeled Mamas sassy! Stay tuned for details!


4 thoughts on “High Heeled Mamas UNITE!!

  1. That’s hilarious! My heels have also been abandoned for the time being – not due to mommyhood, but due to being laid off! Perhaps I’ll wear my favorite pair the next time I go grocery shopping, just for fun. 🙂

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