Monica Cox

I am Monica Cox, the mama in the high heels.

After a career in public relations; a five year stint as a stay at home mom to two very adorable, energetic, sometimes infuriating, typically messy and always lovable boys; and a three-year turn at flex working while attempting to balance a part-time schedule at a start-up with my two busy boys; I now find myself at home again. I am at a career crossroads knowing I want to be available to my family while still finding a path to personal fulfillment.

I am a writer who manages to find any number of ways to not be writing. I am a mother who will do anything to avoid taking two boys to the grocery store. I am a wife who tortures her husband with entirely too many episodes of the Real Housewives of Whatever is On. I am a woman who is still trying to define what she wants to be when she grows up.

I believe that balance is a myth. I don’t exercise enough. I claim to hate Pinterest, but I do love planning a themed birthday party (that never look as polished as those pins, but the kids don’t seem to notice). I am an unabashed Tar Heel and bleed Carolina blue.

I sometimes miss the reasons I had to wear heels more often, but am frankly having a lot of fun in my flats.



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