Motherhood Pays

Sometimes the hubby asks me if I want to go back to work. Usually it comes up after a particularly tantrum-filled, food-throwing, no toy is good enough day. Even in the face of those days, I still find more happiness in them than I ever found in a paycheck. As any working or stay at home mom will probably agree, it’s the small moments that can totally tip the scales from stress to bliss.

Moments like sitting on the front porch in the summer sun, eating watermelon, juice dripping down our chins, watching ants march across the front porch, wiggling bare feet and giggling together.

Moments like peanut discovering butterfly kisses.

Moments like peanut putting his arm around my shoulders when we are pretending to sleep on the bed instead of making it.

Now, I just have to remember those tender moments the next time peanut’s throwing spaghetti on the walls or screaming in the middle of Target or running away from timeout or doing this. After all, I’ve dealt with difficult clients before. And even on a good day, they couldn’t possibly be as cute and lovable with watermelon dripping down their chin as peanut is.

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