Home Alone

I’m in the midst of packing up peanut and bombarding the hubby with instructions, FYIs and “what would you do if…” scenarios. The boys are leaving for Florida tomorrow afternoon to try to catch the launch that wasn’t a month ago. I am staying home.

We’ve been going somewhere every two weeks since Memorial Day and I’m pooped. The virus I came home from Massachusetts with completely knocked my socks off. I’m still exhausted from it and the thought of another trip was too much to bear. So, the hubby is taking peanut for their first ever boys-only road trip. They even coordinated a “men, men, men” song and dance after bath tonight.

I’m really excited for them. The hubby took several summer road trips with his dad when he was a kid and has a ton of stories, miles logged and photos of those days. I know this is a tradition he very much wants to share with his children. If the launch goes off (still iffy based on Florida weather, but the initial problem that scrubbed the last launch has been fixed), it will be a tremendous experience for them to share. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m glad he’ll get a different perspective on what it means to parent a toddler when he has to do it completely on his own. The hubby is a very involved partner in this parenting journey we’re on (and thank goodness for that), but there is still nothing like traveling alone with a child – something I’ve done (and not always well) but he hasn’t yet. I know he’ll handle it with flying colors and they’ll both come back a little better from the challenge (where potty training is when they come back, well, we’ll have to see).

And me? I’ve finally received that mother’s day gift I was hoping for – time alone. Sure, it’s not on the sandy shores of a remote beach with a cute cabana boy bringing me cocktails, but it’s two and a half days of completely MY time. I’m almost nervous about what I’ll do with it – except that I already have a lunch scheduled with some girlfriends, a spa pedicure appointment confirmed and my eyes on an exhibit at the High I’ve been wanting to check out. Not to mention the prospect of sleeping whenever I want, reading a book in peace and staying in my jammies all day if I want to (don’t worry girls, I’ll get dressed for the lunch).

I know I’m gonna miss the boys like crazy. It’s going to be so strangely quiet around here. I’m sure I’ll call entirely too often to “check in.” I’ll probably spend a good portion of my alone time Friday afternoon cleaning.

But a weekend alone holds so many possibilities to recharge some desperately depleted batteries. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

So bring on the chick flicks, take out and ice cream. Mama needs some R&R.


3 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. If it makes you feel any better, th kid & husband take off for the weekend every 6 weeks or so, and I admit, it's great for all involved :-). I REALLY hope the launch goes!

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