Mother Nature’s Got a Sick Sense of Humor

To further stick it to me that another mom with a child peanut’s age is ready to have their second, Lun Lun delivered her second baby this weekend.

Lun Lun is Atlanta Zoo’s beloved female panda bear. Her first baby bear was born about a month after peanut. Every time we go to the zoo, we check in on Mei Lan and I tell peanut about how they are the same age and we compare their size, diet, etc. It’s become a fun little game for us.

However, in reading the articles about this newest baby, I was struck by one simple fact:

This 230lb mama bear delivered a 4.5 oz baby. Hello! 4.5 OUNCES? Where is the justice that my relatively small (compared to a large bear) human frame spent 30 hours working an 8lb 13oz child out of my body?

Funny, Mother Nature. Really, funny.

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