Mommy Metro?

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss my commute. Okay, maybe not the hour drive-to-the-park-
blocks-commute, but 20 minutes of downtime after a day of work…yeah, that would be nice.

What’s a stay-at-home-mom to do? We go straight from afternoon playtime to dinner prep to feeding, clean-up, bath and bedtime routine not to mention trying to sneak in a bite ourselves at some point. I realized how much that affects my evening sanity when the hubby came home last night and found me totally frustrated trying to get dinner on the table while attempting to keep a fussy one-year-old occupied and stationary. When he left for the gym after getting peanut in bed at 8, I finally had a chance to breathe, to take a second and regroup…but then I was alone in the house with no one to talk to. Contrast that to the hubby willing to chat when he came home at 5:30, wanting to know about our day and what fun things we did together.

The difference? He had time to turn off part of his day and focus on something new. I was still in the trenches, changing laundry loads after our weekend away and emptying the dishwasher for the second time in 12 hours.

So ladies, how do you make the switch from mom to just you at the end of a long day chasing/playing/cleaning/feeding the little ones? What’s your stay-at-home-mom “commute” back to you?


One thought on “Mommy Metro?

  1. I’m new to the SAHM thing – it’s only for the duration of maternity leave for me – but I’ll do anything for some non-baby chatter at the end of the day! Hubby and I don’t like to talk about work unless there’s real news there, which has led me to be oddly grateful to talk about sports!! The beginning of college football season, the build up to October for baseball, and everything in between. It’s easy to talk about, something ‘outside’ of our everyday lives, and there’s a good bit of mindless entertainment in daily sports stories and competition.

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