Love Wins

For all the bad news in the headlines lately that I feel I need to protect my children from, it was with great joy that I turned up the President speaking to a national audience today without hesitation or censoring. I didn’t need to explain guns or wars or terrorism or reassure them that they are safe. I didn’t need to say anything really. Except this. Today our country made history. Today we said love is enough. Today anyone can marry anyone, they just need to love them because love is the thing, the binder, the joy, the truth, the strength, the peace. Love is universal and free and cherished and innate. Love is the ultimate destination in the pursuit of happiness. Always. Forever.

The best part? They listened to me then looked at me as if I had three heads. Because of course. They had yet to learn there were people in the world willing to set limits on someone’s love. They had no concept of the parameters society put up out of the constructs of fear. They didn’t realize that differences might be a problem because each and every day they are taught they they are different and different is okay, better than okay, that our differences are what makes us great. They have restrictions on screen time or sweets or how late they can stay up, not on the amount of love they can give or receive and to whom they can give or receive that love. They love their parents and each other and their cousins and their grandparents and their family and their teachers and Batman and Luke Skywalker and Minecraft and LEGOS and the beach and the ice cream truck. Why would someone ever tell them not to?

Now they won’t have to find out. Love wins. As it should be. Now. Always. Forever. For the greatest of these is love.


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