Sick Days

Moms don’t get sick days. Truer words may never have been spoken. I’ve taken the kids to the Children’s Museum with a full blown sinus infection before my doctor’s appointment, volunteered at the elementary school fair only to realize later that icky feeling wasn’t stress but a stomach bug coming on, napped on the floor while the boys played cars around my germ-riddled body. It can suck to be the one needing care when you’re the designated caregiver.

This week, however, I’ve gotten the cold the four year old brought home. Despite not feeling great, I did the Sunday morning marathon of church and sports and birthday parties finally sitting down at 5:30 to realize, yup, it wasn’t getting better. So I did something fairly uncharacteristic for me. I took Monday off. As much as any mom can, anyway. I asked the hubby to pack the 8 year old’s lunch and handle my volunteer carpool spot at the preschool. I slept in. I laid on the couch. I watched Overboard on TV like my sister and I would do when we were sick youngsters. I did manage to get dressed and pick the 4 year old up from carpool at lunch time. Then we popped in a Thomas movie and I napped again. I drank tea laced with Echinacea and took shots of elderberry syrup like it was Spring Break. I read. I rested. I snuggled with my bugs. I went to bed early and asked for another morning of hubby pinch hitting.

Today, although it’s still here and I’m not 100 percent, I’m a heckuva lot better than I would have been. With a fall break trip on the horizon it’s been hard to sit still and not run errands, pack and plan, but with a fall break trip on the horizon, it’s been tantamount that I kick this thing to the curb in order to enjoy time away with the family. So when the four year old came home from school today and asked to watch a movie, I said yes when normally the rule is no. We’re snuggled on the couch as I type this and I should still have time to sneak a nap in before the credits. And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.

Because sometimes, for moms, taking care of everyone else, means taking care of ourselves.


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