Walk This Way

Now that school’s back in session for the big guy, I’m up at 6:15 and, without work, no need to be primped and ready for anything at a particular time. So, this morning, I recommitted to a morning walk. Not only is walking good for my heart, it clears my mind and centers my spirit as my feet hit the road. The sights and smells of the season, weather, geography awaken my senses. The music in my headphones can energize or bring back a memory, the road in front of me giving me permission to indulge that memory or to put it down and leave it behind. 

My walk this morning brought to mind many previous walks in my life. The chatty walks with my parents after dinner when I was a kid and it seemed our entire neighborhood would be out walking our circular streets each evening, looping each other every 15 minutes. The walks with my college roommate along the picturesque and historic Gimghoul Road. The long, flat roads near our first home in Northern Virginia in the cold, early November air prior to each Thanksgiving meal we hosted for our families. The treadmill walks at 5:30 am at the Y before my hour long commute into the District. The stroller walks with my new born when I needed to simply get out of the house. 

This morning’s walk was muggy with the promise of a steamy August day to come. The crickets were eager in their song and the birds seemed lazier than usual, perhaps gone back to bed after an earlier, cooler breakfast. The hills were many and my legs felt stronger and stronger at every step. My mind opened up and I felt the creativity I’ve been lacking the last few weeks start to break loose a little. 

Tomorrow, I plan to meet the road again. To greet the day with purpose and motion. It’s a good habit I let slide in recent years. I’m glad I’ve found it again.


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