School’s Out

Now that I am finally beginning to appreciate these lovely mornings of solitude – both kids in school, no job to rush off to – it’s coming to an end.

School’s out for summer.

Or will be in 7 short hours.


Last morning bus pick up for awhile…

And while I am looking forward to lazy days by the pool, spontaneous outings and no more 6:15 alarm clock (oh, how I am looking forward to that), I am also looking ahead with some trepidation.

The boys are typical siblings and play well together until they don’t. I’m not thrilled about a summer of refereeing the (imagine nails on a chalk board whining voice) he hit me and I had it first. School provides a time structure for meals, screen time, getting dressed. I want a relaxed summer, but not one with my 7 year old in his jammies at lunch time or my 4 year old begging for more time on the iPad. And what about my time? I decided to take advantage of this layoff to focus on some writing tasks. With both boys underfoot all day, every day, how will I work that in?

It’s a challenge I’m not sure I can fully anticipate.

Parenting for me is a lot like sailing. You can check the forecasts, prepare the boat, ensure the life vests are ready and then set sail. The waters may be rougher than you expected or the winds not as swift. If you’ve stalled out in the middle of the lake with no breeze to take you, then drop anchor and go for a swim. If the seas are rough, you need to find your balance, adjust your course and know it’s only temporary. If the sun is shining and the winds friendly, take that moment to enjoy the speed, the warmth on your skin, the spray in your face. In other words – you deal with what comes and enjoy the moment.

Some days will be easier than others. Some days may not. I may not get time alone every day. I might not get the quiet or blocks of time I desire to write. I may need to learn a new normal of sneaking in bits here and there or writing in the semi-quiet while the boys are building race tracks down the hall or constructing towers of doom with every block, Lego and box in the playroom. I will need to take deep breaths and focus on new definitions of productivity.

And some days I’ll need to nurture my soul with the boys. I feel lucky that many of the activities that my children enjoy also fill me up. So while I may not be getting “quiet” time, I may be getting a lovely hike or exploring the local botanical gardens or perusing titles at the library.

And if all else fails, I may need to set that alarm clock after all and find my time where I can.



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