A New Adventure, A New Look

Three years ago, I started to get the itch. The itch to do a little bit more as my youngest was taking his tentative, forward thrusting steps towards two years old. I started formulating a plan to take on some freelance writing tasks and then, suddenly, I was meeting with a charismatic CEO about his start-up and “short-term” public relations needs. Three years later, now that I’ve said goodbye to the unexpected and a bit longer than short-term PR job, I find myself revisiting those plans.

A big part of that plan was taking a serious look at this blog and making it work better for me. Hence, the new address and new look.

The content will be the same – a mix of my mothering experiences and attempt at finding myself amidst the hubbub of daily life. This has been my space to explore the various facets of myself – woman, wife, mother, writer – and how they work best together as a team to make me me. Despite my pretty new page, that won’t change.

You may notice the new tag line: One woman’s evolution. As a parent, the one constant is change – just when you think you have the sleep schedule figured out, the discipline technique working or the favorite foods nailed down, our kids will switch it up on us dropping that morning nap, not responding to the sticker reward chart or suddenly refusing that breakfast banana they’d insisted on for the last nine months. As I tried to define myself in a quick soundbite for a tag, I realized that I was similarly changing. I can’t guarantee I’ll always be a stay at home mom, working mom or flex schedule mom. The one thing I can guarantee is that I am continuing to explore and journey through this life of mine and will share whatever nuggets of wisdom, hilarity and confusion that I encounter along the way. This blog will be a bit of a road map to my own growing up, as much as it is a semi-chronicle of my children’s development.

You may also notice I’ve outed myself. I started in this space anonymously nearly seven years ago. Part of it was to protect my kids, but I think a lot of it was to protect me. If I wasn’t any good, if no one ever read, if people hated what I said, being anonymous provided a bit of professional protection. Now, I realize that in order to truly be the best writer for you and for me, I need to take that leap of faith, put myself out there and open myself up to all the beautiful relationships and opportunities that presents.

So…here we go! Bookmark the address, follow the blog, like me on Facebook and check out my Twitter feeds. You should find everything you need on the right hand sidebar. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you’ll join me on this new journey!

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