30 Days of Thanks: Support

In a weird upside down world today, the hubby stayed home with the kids while I went to work. The kids are out of school this week and the hubby took the week off thanks to some PTO he’s got to burn. As a result, I was the one in her school clothes, laptop packed up and kissing kids goodbye at the door.

Throughout this whole adventure back into heels, the hubby has been nothing but supportive, emotionally when I need a pick up, and physically when I need him to take kid duty so I can get a few hours of work done. Even though they are far away, my family has been supportive, checking in, being curious and listening to me when I feel stressed. My friends have offered play dates if I need them for child care and have been patient when I seem scattered.

Without this support, I’m not quite sure I’d be able to do what I’m doing. I’m enjoying the work, the people are great and there is something incredibly confidence building about putting on “real” clothes and heading out into the world to use your noggin. But, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. Inevitably, there are days with a deadline that my toddler doesn’t understand. There are days when I feel pulled in 100 different directions and I’m in control of none of them. There are days when my messy house points out to me that I am not, in fact, “doing it all.”

Those are the days when the hubby, my family and my friends are my lifesaver. Reminding me why I’m doing this, telling me that they are proud of me, urging me on. Today was not one of “those” days (thanks to the hubby being home with the young’uns) and yet there was my sister-in-law, in the midst of her own career-changing happy news telling me how great she thinks it is that I’m doing what I’m doing.

And so far all who have called, emailed or simply asked how it’s been going, thank you. I hope I can pay the encouragement forward.

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