30 Days of Thanks: Brothers

Strep’s been making the rounds. The hubby fell after me and Peanut started sporting a ping-pong sized lump in his neck Wednesday that normally would have instilled panic in his mother, but with the dreaded strep germ plowing through the family, it simply meant a trip for a quick throat swab followed by the expected stop at the drug store for ye old antibiotics.

So forgive my absence but I’ve been alternating between resting, nursing sickos, doctor’s offices, work and disinfecting the house.

Between the sick days and a few teacher conference days at Peanut’s school, there has been a lot of together time around here. As stressful as all that indoor forced time has been, I have enjoyed watching the budding buddy-ship develop between my two boys. Not that there isn’t still a lot of pushing, whacking and toy-stealing, but there has also been whispering, giggling and creating games together. Teamwork has started to emerge and I can see them try to please each other with silly antics or new ideas for train tracks/buildings/car races, beaming with satisfaction when the other one “gets” it.

The kicker was driving the boys home from something the other day and hearing Peanut start singing the ABC song for his little brother and Pumpkin joining in (there are lots of ‘E’s and ‘S’s in his alphabet). The sound of their sweet voices together in the car was enough to melt a mother’s heart, but peeking in the rearview, I could see their little heads turned towards each other as they sang, smiles on their faces as they got to the “big finish.”

I took a mental picture, memorizing the moment in my mother’s soul. It’s a moment I’ll need to hold fast to and remind them of when their relationship is tested, when voices are raised, when life might take them to different corners of the world.

The moment I saw them as more than brothers, but as friends.


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