30 Days of Thanks: Timing

There is no good time to be sick. Especially when you’re a parent.

This time, though, I am thankful that if I had to get strep, at least I got it on a weekend. The hubby took care of the kids all weekend letting me get the rest I needed. He took care of dinners and waking up with the kids and keeping them away when I needed him to. I got to sleep in and take naps and stay in my jammies.

Sure, I’ll need to take care of the grocery shopping y, and the laundry at some point this week. But being able to just be for two days and let my body heal instead of squeezing in rest time between car pool and play time on a weekday has been priceless.

I’m not 100 percent yet, but I’m definitely a lot farther along than I would be otherwise. And for that small luxury, I am thankful.

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