If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Christmas has been crazy. The boys had a great time with all their family, as did we. There was Santa excitement, five inches of snow (in NC!), visits with cousins, toys, toys, Christmas cookies, and more toys.

Christmas was all about the kids. As it should be. So when we received an invitation to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some adults, we jumped. Especially when it was an invitation that included the kids spending the night eliminating the need for a babysitter.
So, New Year’s Eve night, we watched our kids play, ate some yummy take out and managed to get a four year old boy and three year old girl to sleep in the same room (by 9:30pm – oh yeah, we totally earned parents of the year JUST under the wire!) as well as two infant-toddlers to bed. Then something happened. The bubbly was opened. The laughter began. And for a few hours, we were just two couples ringing in the new year. Granted, I haven’t been to bed that late in a long time and when Pumpkin woke up at 4am a mere hour and a half after I had dropped off, I was back to reality.
During the remainder of the holiday weekend, we have continued to dig out from Christmas craziness, thanks in large part to my let no closet, shelf and cabinet go unorganized mantra to make room for all the new toys. The fridge has been stocked with “regular” food and snacks. The tree is by the curb. The bubbly buzz long gone and a list of 2011 goals is starting to formulate in the journal by my bed.
One of the top items, like every year, is to make the non-mom-me a priority. Thanks to our lovely friends, I think I’m off to a good start.
Next on the list, wipe off the dust that’s collected on some of those heels in my closet and take them for a walk outside. Date night this coming Friday should take care of that – for one pair, at least.

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