30 Days of Thanks: Month 12

Pumpkin is at that stage where he’s becoming himself. He’s finding his sense of humor and giggling at things he finds funny (mostly his brother, dogs and when I make animal noises for him). He’s pointing along at books during story time. He imitates anything and everything that his older brother does. He has the most contagious full faced laugh when you tickle him that I have to remind myself not to take advantage of that trick just to get a belly laugh fix. He’s learning how to ask for things, even if it’s just a point, a grunt or the old “gimme” hand gesture.

He’s at that wonderful age where he’s on the cusp. On the cusp of communicating. On the cusp of walking. On the cusp of toddlerhood.

I love this phase. I know it won’t last forever, so today, I am thankful that it’s here. More importantly, maybe, I’m thankful that I recognize it.


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