30 Days of Thanks; Applesauce Cake

My great-grandmother made an applesauce cake she would send to my Uncle B. (a different uncle than has recently appeared in this space) while he was in the service. As legend would have it, the guys in his unit would fight over pieces of the cake, devouring it within moments of the care package having been open.

Today, I am thankful for this super simple, dairy-free cake and the fact that Pumpkin’s fever appears to have broken this afternoon long enough for him to enjoy it. Two days late, we finally had a good old cake-smashing time for his first birthday.

I’m not sure of the truth of the tales that my uncle’s buddies watched his mail call just to see if a cake had arrived for him, but I can attest to the fact that my little guy thought it was pretty much the best thing he’s ever eaten.

Although, in all honesty, he’s been subsisting on a diet of plain noodles, bananas and Cheerios for the last 5 days.

Either way, I know I’m looking forward to a piece.

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