30 Days of Thanks: Saturday Doctor’s Hours and Mom

Pumpkin has been sick all week. The lovely “D” word. Ick. However, he’d been acting normally, despite the current state of his intestinal track. I made the obligatory call to the nurse’s line, got my instructions and happily went about my week planning our next trip up to NC. We were planning on going up this weekend for my uncle’s memorial service, which meant we canceled Pumpkin’s 1st birthday party we had originally planned for at home this weekend and decided to do a smaller, immediate family lunch in NC.

Until last night. A half hour before leaving to pick the hubby up at the airport, I noticed Pumpkin had a fever. Ugh. Fever, of course, being one of the symptoms the nurse said we should watch for, advising we bring him in if one developed.

Thankfully, our pediatrician has walk-in hours on Saturday mornings. I packed us up last night for our road trip, hoping we could simply depart a little later than planned and then brought Pumpkin to the doctor first thing this morning. Although it’s nothing serious and probably just a virus, the doctor “could not in good conscience” advise us to go on this road trip.

After the week I had, I made it to the elevator after checking out before I started to feel the tears coming on. Losing my uncle, the trip up to NC and back last weekend, a sick baby, the hubby out of town all week, a 4 year old’s rebellion on day 4 of hubby being out of town, unpacking from one trip just to repack for another, canceling one party just to plan for another 7 hours away, locking Pumpkin and my keys in the car yesterday…let’s just say a kink in the plans was not exactly what my psyche could handle this morning.

Thankfully, there is my mom. When I called and told her Pumpkin wasn’t any better, what the doctor said and that I had looked up flights to fly up to the memorial alone, she in no uncertain terms told me I needed to stay home. She said everything I knew was true and everything I needed to hear and listened to me cry and hem and haw and try to reason my way into going, but, in the end, won. We are staying home.

It’s not that I don’t think the hubby could take care of Pumpkin while I was gone, I know he would. It’s the thought of Pumpkin reaching out for me and me not being there. It’s the reality that every minute I was gone, I’d be thinking about Peanut – and would that be fair to anyone else?

My family means a lot to me. It’s a big, rambunctious group who live and love loudly. Not being there to support a branch that’s been damaged is tearing me up inside. My thoughts, prayers and heart will be with them all on Monday. But, I know I have to do what’s best for my little ones.

If I’ve learned anything since becoming a parent it’s that kids have impeccable timing.

One thought on “30 Days of Thanks: Saturday Doctor’s Hours and Mom

  1. so sorry about this Monica. I know it is hard for you not being able to go. Just remember that your aunt will need you after the service and everything has settled down. Maybe you could go for a visit then.

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