Thank You, Thursday

Thursdays, the Peanut stays at school until 2pm. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love those extra two hours once a week. Part of me feels guilty for feeling this good, but it’s less about Peanut not being here and more about relaxed, one-on-one time with one child. Admittedly, one child who is a lot easier to entertain with a wooden spoon and stainless steel bowl than the other is. Not having to rush after Pumpkin’s morning nap to make carpool doesn’t hurt my goodwill feelings towards Thursday, either.

So today, I had a second cup of coffee, did some online research for that pesky November project, surfed eBay for some vintage hardware I’m in need of and cleaned up the kitchen. And that was only during Pumpkin’s morning nap. Once he was awake, we read some stories, picked up some toys, put Little People in a bus, took Little People out of a bus, put Little People in a bus…, had lunch, played with a ball, giggled, watched the curtains move in the breeze.
I can’t afford a nanny or regular babysitter. I don’t have a cleaning lady. Shoot, we don’t even have our yard service anymore. What I do have is lunch bunch every Thursday afternoon to give mommy a little breathing room. And it is worth each and every penny.
The bonus? Once we got home, Pumpkin went down for his afternoon nap and Peanut’s having some rest time…even more time for mama! Did I mention how much I love Thursdays?

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