It’s so easy, as a parent, to let time slip through my fingers. At the end of a long day, it’s entirely too tempting to just throw on the sweats, crawl onto the couch and fire up the DVR.

The problem is that I am increasingly frustrated at how I tend to wear myself out for everyone else leaving me not only empty, but lacking the energy to do the things that fill me up. I’m tired of saying how much I want to write, yet doing very little of it. I’m tired of putting it off. I’m tired of making excuses and wondering what if…
And so, with great anxiety, excitement and a dash of crazy, I am announcing that I will be participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month. What does that mean? For the month of November, I have no more excuses. I will write something that resembles a novel before November 30th. 50,000 words. Come hell or high water.
I am confident that I will write a lot of crap. I am certain there will be a lot of tears. I am positive that there will be a lot of frustration as I try to find the time to do this. But, I needed a kick in the pants. A deadline. Accountability.
Yes, I’m scared to death. There are a lot of new what ifs that enter the picture and a lot of personal discomforts to endure. But, it’s time. Time to take a risk. Time for mama.
So have some patience with me in November. I may be writing here more or less depending on how it’s going. I do promise to update this space with my progress: the good, the bad and the most certainly ugly.
*Deep breath* Here we go…

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