Do You Hear What I Hear?

The blank page can sometimes be an evil thing. It stares at you, the cursor blinking, practically daring you to put thoughts to font. Then there is that delete button in the corner. Easily accessible to wiping out the babble, the bleh, the bad. Back to a blank page. Empty.

Somehow the clutter in my mind has manifested itself as a blank page. If only I could put that delete key to work in my brain. There has been a constant flow of thoughts, words, lists and tasks bumping around in my head. The result is a constant noise. An exhausting cacophony of to-dos, what ifs, not dones.
And so it is that I realize I haven’t written in more than a week. More frustrating is that I haven’t had that burning idea come to me in the shower that rattles around in my head until I just have to share it. And it’s not for lack of things going on. Peanut’s back in school this week. I’m tackling a side project. Pumpkin’s cutting his third tooth and learning how to clap.
Maybe that’s it. The busyness of life has clogged my thought process. Maybe. For now, I’ll take small comfort in the words I’ve put down today. I’ll work hard to fill another page tomorrow, or maybe the next day. And hopefully quiet the chaos enough to hear my own voice again.
That is the greater truth, isn’t it? That we mother’s are so busy listening for the cry on the playground, the bad dream whimpers in the middle of the night, the lack of sound when a toddler and a crayon might have been left alone too long, the yawns before nap time, that we often forget to listen to ourselves. And we need to hear ourselves. We need to hear the solutions, the dreams, the voice of our self. The self that isn’t mommy. The self that isn’t the speediest grocery shopper this side of the Mississippi. The self searching for words to put on a blank page.
So I’ll take this rare new moment of quiet in my house while Peanut’s at school and Pumpkin’s napping to take a deep breath and listen. What will you hear?

2 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear?

  1. I hear a young woman, mother,wife,business woman, learning to DEEPLY listen,a highly tranferable skill,and onemost valued in business and in life.
    Take care,

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