Time to On Ramp?

I think about going back to the working world, wonder when the right time will be, daydream about what that “work” will be, struggle with how it will impact the family. So far, however, this has all been part of a thought process, not an imminent road map to on ramping.

However, apparently Peanut’s ready for me to go back.
We were driving down the local highway when we saw a MARTA train. He’s a bit obsessed with trains and immediately pointed out that it was a subway train. I thought this was my opportunity to earn some street cred and told him about how his mommy used to ride a train like that every day to work, only it was called the Metro.
His lips parted, his eyes sparkled. “What did you say?”
I explained how just like daddy goes to work every day, mommy used to go to work every day before I stopped to take care of him and Pumpkin. But unlike daddy, mommy had to take a bus to a train to get to work and that train was called the Metro. Maybe one day we’ll go to that city, Washington, DC, and I’ll show you the train mommy used to ride on.
Days later, he pipes up at the dinner table:
“Is today Sunday?”
– Yes, why?
“Do you go to work tomorrow, mommy?”
– No, sweetie, daddy goes to work tomorrow.
“I want you to go to work, mommy. And I’ll come with you. We can ride the train.”
If ever there was a reason to go back…

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