Zero, Zip, Zilch

I got nothing.

I just spent 45 minutes drafting a post that’s turning into some sort of self-flagellation at my inability to get my seven month old to nap and my three year old to stop hitting. I was beginning to bore myself.
Instead of that dribble, here I am, admitting that I’m stuck. Stuck in the parenting weeds. Mired down in the mundane. Running from task to task, feeling like no one is getting the best of me and so tired at the end of the day that I’m not even sure what the best of me is anymore.
So bear with me. I’m working on a few things, sorting a few things out, tapping into some creative resources that hopefully will remind me of, well, me. And then I can sit down here and string together some words that are more interesting than the wasted ones I spent the last 45 minutes typing.
I promise.

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