Some Kind of Wonderful

Sometimes there is a light in our darkest moments.

Sometimes there are little miracles to the mundane.
Sometimes there is warmth and calm in a pair of sweet, rhythmic breaths.
Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a pile of pillows, reading a story to a three year old big boy who only yesterday was the size of his baby brother you’re rocking in your arms.
Sometimes there is total joy in the weight of two sweaty heads against your side, contentment resting in their closed eye lids, a quiet in their sighs.
Sometimes there is a room still with sleep, the air heavy with the quiet.
Sometimes there is true beauty in a gift. Especially when that gift is a nap.

2 thoughts on “Some Kind of Wonderful

  1. It is a wonderful feeling to be mother, though there are times when you hate it. Now my two children are adults, and they are away from me, but i still fondly remember their childhood days. I even remember how i used to get irritated with them also, and feel bad about it. But one can't help it, for we all go through this stage, and what we felt and what we feel now is natural.
    I liked your blogs. please visit mine if you feel like. I also write in msn
    Have a wonderful day. Rama

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