Three Months

It happened Friday. I knew it was coming. Yet, somehow, it feels different now that it’s here. I admit, I’m slightly anxious. I mean, I’m excited about the opportunities, but can I really do it? Can I really be creative enough to impress? How will I make it work?

School’s out.
The summer is stretching, long and languid, in front of us. Long and languid translates to interminable and stressful when I think about keeping a three going on four year old entertained and a six going on seven, eight and nine month old on some kind of routine. Every day. For the next three months. ACK!
A friend chronicled her summer with her preschooler last year. Every day was a different adventure. I don’t know how she did it, but I was in complete awe of the outings, the activities, the baking, and all of it with this incredible make the mundane magical attitude.
It is that attitude that I’m hoping to harness this summer. Between all our awesome memberships to local museums, play dates with friends, play ground time, pool time and maybe a few crafty projects, I’ll hopefully be able to channel my inner super mama and not only keep everyone entertained all summer but, more importantly, keep everyone sane.
I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of our misadventures here. After all, Peanut is not exactly at an agreeable age and Pumpkin is still trying to figure out when and how long he needs to nap and I’m blindly groping my way through this two-kid mothering thing. Hm, sounds more like a recipe for disaster than the secret to a successful summer.
Time will tell. Until then, I’m taking a deep breath, breaking out the flip flops and bookmarking the weather forecast. Now if only I could figure out what we’re going to do tomorrow…

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