Excuses, Excuses

Wow. Where the heck have I been? Obviously not here. I’ve actually started three posts that have all resulted in writer’s block or were just plain not worth anyone’s time. Including my own, apparently. Not that this one is shaping up much better. Sorry about that.

We’ve had a series of house guests on top of work done on the house that has all left me a bit frazzled. Top that off with our 11 day trip to North Carolina next week and I’m all kinds of stressed. I somehow have to pack up two adults, one preschooler and an infant for two graduation ceremonies and related fetes, three days at the beach, photo shoot for the kiddos and a business trip in the middle for the hubby. I don’t think we have enough bags or trunk space for this trip.
Add to that my apprehension about going for a week. The last time I did that with just peanut, I left NC towing my own personal nervous breakdown. Not fun.
SO…if I’m a little missing in action, you’ll know why. But know that between family events, public graduation ceremonies and beach time, I’m bound to come back with a slew of stories for you.
Less the nervous breakdown.
I hope.

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