A Budding Bromance

My Pumpkin only has eyes for one person. Peanut.

Big brother gets the most smiles, the best laughs, the most attention. In Pumpkin’s eyes, this kid does no wrong. Pumpkin wants to know what his big brother is doing at ALL times. Whether he’s nursing, playing or screaming his head off, he will pause whatever he’s doing to turn his head in the direction of Peanut’s voice.
Peanut, however, is starting to recognize his power. He will purposefully come and sing in Pumpkin’s ear while I’m nursing, causing him to pop off and seek out his big brother’s face. Not the most fun for mama. He is already taunting him now that Pumpkin will reach out for his face. I’m waiting for Pumpkin to grab a big fistful of hair and pull. Let’s just say, Peanut will have it coming!
When I’m feeling guilty for the lack of dedicated mama play time Pumpkin gets in comparison to Peanut’s infancy, I just have to see Peanut dancing in front of the bouncey seat to Pumpkin’s squeals of delight, singing to him in the back seat of the car when Pumpkin’s fussy or watch Peanut join Pumpkin for a little tummy time and I can let it go. Peanut may have those hours of individualized mama attention tucked away in his subconscious. But Pumpkin will always have something Peanut won’t: a big brother.
I can only hope and pray it’s a lifetime love affair.

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