Onto Serious Matters – Like What to Wear…

This weekend is the big fundraising auction for peanut’s school. This is no small-scale production. We’re talking major items on the auction block and an invitation boasting cocktail attire.
What? Cocktail attire? Don’t they normally see me in car pool in my sweats? Ugh.
The hubby and I are totally using this as a nice night out – hey, there’s going to be a band. We won’t get into the issue of how once you have kids, activities related to your kids become date night fodder. That being said, it’s a few days away and I’m already stressing about what to wear.
Want to help me, oh faithful readers? Here are the choices (and no, I haven’t tried these on my post-baby frame because I’m post-workout today and desperately need a shower, but these are the ones that have the highest likelihood of fitting).
Here we go:
#1: The sassy one and most recent addition to the wardrobe. Sparkly, fun, love it. Is it too much for “cocktail attire?” Seriously. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the “real” event circuit.

#2: A basic black number. Slightly concerned about the nursing gals fitting in there…

#3: Another basic black number with flowers to add a nice touch of spring. This dress was on my wedding rotation for awhile…is it too wedding?
Okay…weigh in and let me know your thoughts. I’m at your mercy. Well, yours and the mercy of my hips which seem to have amnesia about where they belong.

11 thoughts on “Onto Serious Matters – Like What to Wear…

  1. #1, definitely. How often do you get to go out in cocktail attire these days? That's why you should really “do it up” when you get the chance!

  2. The sassy one, for sure! Wear it, and don't apologize for how fabulous you are. Exude the confidence that you have earned by being awesome, and there's no way it will look over-dressed. You'll simply look like one hot mama. 🙂

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