Gorillas: Just Like Us

After February, aka: the month spent indoors incubating more germs than you can shake an antibacterial wipe at, we’ve been jonesing for some out of the house activity. With warm temperatures FINALLY making an appearance in Atlanta, I decided it was a perfect time to dust off that Zoo membership and let my wild thing breathe in some fresh air. Add in a friend to come with and it meant more energy burned for peanut and adult conversation for mama.

One of my favorite animals at the zoo is the gorillas. I’m simply fascinated by them. It doesn’t hurt that there are three preschool gorillas (four year old twins and a three year old) in residence who typically don’t disappoint. This particular day, we watched a game of chase through an old tree trunk rigged out with vine ropes and hammocks. Peanut thought it was hilarious.
While watching these antics, and after peanut and his pal tired of watching and started chasing each other around the deck area in front of the habitat, the zoo volunteer told my friend and I that the zookeepers were also glad to welcome back the spring temperatures. They keep the gorillas inside when the temperature dips below 45 degrees. All the cold days we’ve been having meant that the gorillas were trapped inside as long as we had been with our three year olds.
She laughed and said when it finally warmed up, she wasn’t sure who was happier that they could get out and run around, those little gorilla children or their keepers.
As my friend and I watched our sons’ game of chase turn into a game of tackle in the warm sunlight of a promised spring, I knew how they felt. I also knew in my heart that between the children and the keepers, I can guarantee you it was the gorilla parents who were the happiest to see wide open spaces again. Maybe now that mama gorilla can eat her lettuce in peace.

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