Happy Halloween!

After the great costume dilemma of 2009 and the recent week of rest, Tamiflu and more rest, we made it for a brief appearance at the neighborhood Halloween party and the peanut handled 6 houses of trick-or-treating. Six may not sound like much, but have you walked the hills in our neighborhood? Yeah, that’s why I’m home downloading pics and handing out candy.

So…here is a of pic of our finished and, yes, hand-made with love, costume for the peanut:

And yes, he proceeded to tell us all the things that were NOT Thomas-accurate.

Even Mama got in on the action this year:

Ready to meet this “bouncing” baby boy!

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween tricks and treats! I’m off to indulge in a few Special Darks and Reese’s Cups. Mmmmm…not so bad being pregnant on Halloween after all.

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