The Name Game

We are keeping our name choices secret again. Luckily, since folks expected this of us, we’ve had much less backlash about our desire not to share this information this time around and a lot fewer questions about the kinds of names we’re considering or other roundabout ways to get us to spill the beans.

Of course, the kicker is that we haven’t really settled on a name yet and only started discussing it in earnest about two weeks ago. We call the alien creature whose hiccups create seismic belly shaking each night the same name I do here: Pumpkin. It’s to the point that when we do ask Peanut what he thinks of a certain name, he responds, “No. Pumpkin is pumpkin.”

Not quite sure how we’re going to handle that once pumpkin is here, but I do know his real name will not be “pumpkin.”

This name limbo is just one more of the things I’m creating to worry about (oh, I have a very nice list of non-problems I’m working on making into issues). The fact is, we haven’t really settled officially because I think something I suggested early on is the name we’re measuring all other names against. You’d think this wouldn’t be a problem since I apparently liked it well enough to offer it up, but the hubby suggested peanut’s name and I’m feeling the added pressure of this one being MY suggestion. With peanut, if someone had ended up hating it, I could have easily blamed him. If that happens this time or an annoying nickname crops up or the kid ends up hating it when he’s 18, I suppose I’ll have to take ownership.

Oh, the pressure!

The thing is, the other night at dinner the hubby was adding extra Tabasco to his chili and peanut said he didn’t like spicy things. I have the less spicier palate in the family and definitely did not enjoy spicy foods during peanut’s pregnancy, so the hubby said “Just like your mother.” I responded that maybe SAID THE NAME OUT LOUD would take after his father since I have been craving more spice this pregnancy. It just came out, so natural, so fitting, like he already approved or had whispered it into my ear through his heartbeat during a prenatal appointment and all I had to do was translate it to get it right.

So maybe pumpkin does have a name. Maybe.

I can guarantee you later tonight I’ll pull out the old Baby Name Wizard to make sure we have a back-up or two. You know, just in case someone with this name does something horrible in the next four weeks that ruins it for everyone. Gotta have something to worry about.


4 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. So, what's the name???? LOL – just kidding – I know you'll never tell! I'm sure whatever it will be it will be the cutest name ever b/c he'll be the cutest kid ever…just like his brother is! 🙂

  2. We were down to 2 name choices when our second baby decided to come 3 weeks early – so there we were on our way to the hospital, contractions coming every 3 minutes, saying “ok, which name are we going with?!” – but I think we already really knew… 🙂

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