New Kind of Nesting

I find myself in new territory.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant, officially counting down the final 10 weeks and making preparations. The “normal” nesting instinct has been strong this pregnancy, whether my motivation has kept up is a whole other story. But the typical baking, cleaning strange corners of the house, urge to launder things in Dreft (don’t worry – this hasn’t happened yet (see: motivation, or lack thereof)), mental redecorating to make room for the myriad of infant paraphernalia that will need to come down from the attic are all there.

The strange thing? I’m 30 weeks pregnant (read: tired), have a three year old who doesn’t nap leaving me precious little time to think thoughts that don’t include trains, parks or potties and I’m currently obsessed with the idea that I need to rework my resume. Yup. I’m suddenly strangely motivated to dust that sucker off, update it with who knows what to signify what I’ve been up to the last three years and try and nail done some freelance PR work and/or writing projects.

Am I crazy?

I’m not sure if it’s because:

  • I’m trying to distract myself from peanut starting preschool in a couple of weeks leaving me with 9 hours a week to myself
  • We’re in the midst of serious number crunching analysis related to a potential refi and home improvement budget that has pointed out to me just how far we are from the soft cushion of our old two-income life
  • I recently watched my brother-in-law lose his job with a wife who is also a SAHM, a four year old and six month old and it freaked me out that I should be more prepared should the hubby lose his (thankfully, BIL found a job relatively quickly considering the market and all’s well)
  • It’s a weird three year itch
  • The realization of a two-kid household is making me want to seriously carve out something that’s just mine since I know how precious it is to have that outlet; or
  • I’m simply a glutton for punishment who wants to load up on as many crazy tasks as possible until I am finally escorted into a van driven by men in white coats.

Whatever the reason, it keeps creeping into my thoughts. Of course, the fact that I can’t seem to find the time to actually sit down and take a serious hack at the old resume should indicate that I might not have the time to dedicate to possible freelance work, either, seems to be only a cursory thought at this point.

Who knows where this new train of thought will lead. Any mom’s out there on Kid 2.0 or higher have any words of wisdom? Is this normal? Is this the former working gal’s new version of nesting? Is there some strange hormone I can blame this on?

Or should I just call in the men in white coats now?

I wonder if they make maternity straight jackets…


4 thoughts on “New Kind of Nesting

  1. During my last pregnancy I nested from the moment the second line appeared until the minute hubby forced me into the car and drove me screaming across town to deliver. I think that it was mostly for the reasons you pointed out – especially the knowing that it was going to be awhile before I had time to myself. I was OBSESSED. To the point of typing up and filing 8 years worth of recipes and articles that I had clipped for easy reference (which has helped with meal planning in a big way but that was still a bit over the top.) On the upside, having gotten so much done beforehand, I did find it a little bit easier to relax when we brought out newest little one home.

    It won't be over-the-top until a toothbrush is involved.

  2. So funny, because in the past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out how to up my freelancing work. I think the 2 months while my son's in school before the baby comes has me in a tizzy. But I must remember that I'll be really busy come Nov. and so will you!

  3. I officially think that you're insane. If you really want a few things to right, I have several Strategic Audit Case Studies that I would love to let you tackle…just let me know! 🙂

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