The first trimester of this pregnancy kicked my tail. I was beyond tired. I remember being exhausted the first time around, but add in the challenge of chasing around a toddler and I was unprepared for the sheer level of bone crushing, driven to tears tired that accompanied this pregnancy’s early weeks. Luckily, I did feel the weight lift around week 14 or 15, but I wouldn’t say that I have my energy “back.” Not when pumpkin is siphoning off all my caloric intake, depriving me of enough oxygen to, you know, breathe and pressing on my bladder causing late night/early morning trips to the bathroom.

Lately, though, I have noticed an increased burst in motivation. Or something. I’m baking up a storm (although probably because I’m scarfing down whatever I’m baking in record time). I’m rearranging all the furniture in our house (in my head, at least). I’m meeting with 800 different contractors and service providers, or so it seems, for a variety of projects that we are considering getting done with a potential refi on the horizon. I’m noticing all the little things I want to change in the house – bedding, curtains, new rugs. I’ve started a painting I’m doing for peanut, and depending on how it goes (since I’m no artist), I’ll start a comparable one for pumpkin’s side of the room. I’ve actually started dusting and vacuuming regularly again and even pulled out the old swiffer to attack the dust bunnies under the bed…something I don’t think I’ve done since seeing the second line on the pregnancy test (one word for you: ick!). I even have a stack of books by the bed that I’m actually reading with a hunger I haven’t felt in awhile.

Unfortunately, my physical stamina doesn’t always match up to my mama’s instinct to prepare for this new addition to our home. Not to mention the fact that peanut and his lack of rest time have created a challenge in getting through the day. More activities need to be planned and trains need to be played instead of mama getting a respite or at least 30 free minutes to accomplish something without an insistent tugging on my shirt. Let’s just say we’ve watched a lot of “Calling All Engines” courtesy of Thomas and Friends just so I can sit down.

So, until I can find a few extra child-free, before dark (because let’s face it, after the sun goes down, I’m useless) hours in the day or a miracle money tree growing in the back yard, the majority of my nesting is taking place in my head.

Although there are quite a few blueberries in my fridge right now. Cobbler or muffins? Decisions, decisions.


2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I've had the baking bug this time around, too! I've made cookies, muffins and a cake just in the last week! Thank god I was taking them with me somewhere, or else my weight gain would be off the charts!

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