It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Poops Their Pants

We’ve been having the most lovely weather lately – warm, but dry. No humidity in the south in the summer is like an oasis and you must take advantage of it while you can. It might not be this nice again until October.

So, I decided we’d try to make a day of it with a special park trip complete with picnic lunch. Peanut was a bit cranky this morning (“Put my snot back” was screamed at me after I wiped his nose post-tantrum about my putting his milk on the wrong side of his plate or something equally irrational) so I took a deep breath, pushed aside my impatience and decided we’d better get to activity sooner rather than later.

We started by making a banana blueberry bread together. We worked together to pack the picnic lunch. We got dressed. We packed up the car and we were off later in the morning.

We had a lovely time playing on the playgrounds. We found a peaceful spot under a tree, near a fountain for our picnic lunch. We laughed. We were feeling good. We were close enough that when the play fountains freaked peanut out and he didn’t want to play in them after all, we agreed we’d head over to the Children’s Museum. We have a membership, so even if the visit was short, I figured it would be worth it if it kept him stimulated.

Upon arrival, we had a potty training breakthrough! He actually sat and peed on the big potty in the restroom (this has been an issue, so I was very excited – my apologies to the other moms in the restroom with us who must have been rolling their eyes on the other side of the stall door as I fussed over and praised my little peanut’s pee pee achievement). We played and played and had a grand ole time in the museum.

Until peanut announced he had to poop. As I took his hand to lead him back to the restroom, I caught a whiff and had a sinking feeling we were already too late.

Yup. Our first public accident. It cut our fun day a little short – I luckily had a change of clothes, but because he’s been so good with potty training and we really haven’t had any accidents since week 1, I wasn’t prepared for keeping the offensive garments from stinking up the rest of the museum if I simply put them in the stroller. Plus, mommy was a little grossed out and tired from the clean-up process.

Now he’s “resting” in front of a Thomas video and I’m coming perilously close to devouring half of the banana blueberry bread myself.

The moral of the story: LOTS of activity keeps peanut pleasant and happy (although somewhat distracted from his bodily functions) which keeps mommy pleasant and happy.

So if anyone has the secret to providing a pregnant lady some super human energy boost in order to make every day as jam packed, I’m all ears. In the meantime, I’ll bask in the glory of one great day and learn my lesson so I’ll be more prepared for avoiding accident-endings to future great days.

2 thoughts on “It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Poops Their Pants

  1. Oh, poor peanut! 😦 He was doing so great. PS – if that poop smelled anything like the one that I cleaned up on Sat, I agree – get out of there as quickly as possible. YUCK! 🙂
    Give him a hug from Aunt Meredith – she misses him.

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