Adult Swim

Summer is here and we’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. A group of gal pals and our kids were snacking on PB&Js, carrot sticks and juice boxes during a break in the action the other day when one’s toddler asked to go back in the water. She tried to explain that it was adult swim and only the grown-ups could be in the pool right then. Someone corrected her and said the grown-ups without toddlers/pre-schoolers.

We all laughed and while sneaking bites of peanut’s pretzels I mused that my days could really use an adult swim.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone blow a whistle once an hour mandating 10 – 15 minutes of child-free time? Time to pee with the door shut, read a chapter or two of that book that’s been sitting on the nightstand for a few months gathering dust, take a power nap, simply sit with your feet up, read that article/blog post/email without dodging projectile toys or drink a cup of coffee with a section of the paper?

Maybe those are just the wistful yearnings of a mom whose child has given up nap time. But a few moments an hour of adult-only time sounds like heaven. Just like my little guy NEEDS time with me and is much better behaved when he has had that attention when we’re building blocks, reading books or playing Candy Land (again), I NEED some time without him. Not a lot of time, but a little. I know I’m better behaved when I have it.

So I’ll continue to sneak in my own adult swim time while he’s “resting,” watching a video or refusing my help in building train tracks. I suppose there are worse things than adult time accompanied by a cute little peanut and a juice box. It would just be nice if occasionally it was a cute lifeguard and a drink with an umbrella in it instead.

2 thoughts on “Adult Swim

  1. I think it's a great idea.

    Am I bad mom that I use Barney to use a 30 minute adult break once a day? Sometimes a girl just needs to cook dinner in peace.

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