A Tale of Scrubbed Launches, Baby Parts and Grapes

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride the last few days between the trip, the ultrasound, the call to 911…

Let’s start with a quick note on the trip. I think I’ll do a separate post just on the trip later, but suffice it to say – it was a blast, even though it lacked a blast off. NASA postponed the launch again (rescheduled from Saturday to today) and it looks like it will happen sometime in July. The hubby’s still toying with the idea of going back (our launch viewing tickets are good for the mission, so it would just be getting down there again). I’m not sure I’m up for it again, but we’ll see.

The ultrasound went perfectly. We were able to see everything and measure all the appropriate parts and bodily functions. I don’t remember peanut’s ultrasound being so clear. We saw a frontal view of pumpkin’s little face and he is adorable, nose just like his big brother’s and he was opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to tell us something.

Yup. I said he. We are having another boy. No doubt about it. And I definitely did not need an explanation when we got that view on the screen – he was showing off his little boy parts quite clearly!

So we’re in for years and years of sports practices, roughhousing, bugs, dirt and potty jokes. And I am thrilled. Thrilled because he looks perfect already. Thrilled because now I know and can start getting to know this newly squirmy little fellow a little better. Thrilled to just be halfway there.

I was on a nice high after the ultrasound and trying to plow through the mess that seems to always accumulate while we are away when peanut came to the doorway of the kitchen visibly choking on something and in quite a deal of distress. This sentence doesn’t seem to encapsulate the gasping, terror-filled face that looked at me for help and my feelings of inadequacy when my first few tries were totally fruitless at doing anything.

I quickly dialed 911 and prayed to God that they would get there in time. Thankfully, while I was on the phone with the paramedics, peanut was draped across my lap on the floor while I continued to whack him and a grape came out. He immediately started screaming, wailing and otherwise letting the emergency responder on the other end of the line know that he was in fact breathing. The guy on the phone did agree to send the paramedics out anyway to have peanut checked out.

The paramedics were stellar. Peanut was a little skittish about getting examined and hid in a big box that he calls his house. One of the paramedics got down on the floor with him and asked about his house and finally convinced him to let him get his pulse and hear him breathe (apparently he has three year old twins at home and had a few tricks up his sleeve). I should have had them examine me since as soon as they left after giving him a clean bill of health, I fell apart.

It all happened so quickly and so easily (there was a grape leftover over from morning snack on the table I wasn’t aware of). No matter how many nights I’ve been anxious over peanut having a fever or a cold or a banged head, I’ve never looked into my son’s eyes and honestly felt like if I made a wrong move I could lose him forever.

That didn’t happen and apparently I did something right since we did manage to get that grape out on my own. I’m forcing myself to not think about the what ifs, they’re entirely too frightening to contemplate. And we’re already looking into not only retaking the infant CPR class before pumpkin arrives, but a child CPR class as well. I’m not taking any chances. Neither is peanut. After it came out, between gasping sobs, peanut said “no more grapes, mommy.”

Sure thing, kid. Sure thing.


Long story short – it’s been a roller coaster of a few days and I could really use a nap. Too bad peanut doesn’t take them anymore! I’ll just look forward to another early bed time.

9 thoughts on “A Tale of Scrubbed Launches, Baby Parts and Grapes

  1. Oh my gosh — how terrible. I'm SOOOO GLAD T is okay!!! Big hugs to Mommy & the big brother.
    Congrats on the new blue bundle of joy. You are seriously outnumbered now!!

  2. Whew! First, congrats on the new little guy! I was thrilled to have a second girl, but got so many of those looks from people like they were sorry it wasn't a boy this time – so annoying! But I think it's great to have 2 of the same!!
    And I had to wipe away the tears after reading about that grape business! Seriously scary stuff – I'm thinking no more grapes for us either!
    Hope you're feeling well!

  3. Congrats on the new baby boy! So exciting and thrilled all is well with the little pumpkin. And I cannot imagine HOW scary the choking incident must have been… oh my goodness.

  4. Wow, that is so scary. My mom had to go through so much of that with my brother when he was little (asthma attacks that came on so fast his lips would turn blue within minutes), and I just don't know how she did it. Mommies are incredibly strong people and in the heat of the moment you'll always do what is right and best. I am so glad peanut is OK!

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