What Not (Because You Can’t Fit In It) to Wear

I don’t know what the heck I was wearing when I was pregnant with peanut. Okay, I take that back. I was working from home and wearing sweats and t’s until I had a business meeting and would pull out the few high-quality items I’d bought to get me through presentations, sales pitches and business lunches. Weekend wear wasn’t much nicer than a gaucho pant and tank.

As I unpacked what wasn’t ice cream or sweat stained (oh yes, I was the sweaty pregnant lady first time around), I realized that I didn’t really have as much to get me through my mommy days as I would have liked. Where was the decent casual wear? Did I really stretch some of those pants out that much during the latter weeks of pregnancy that in these in between weeks of belly growth they’re actually hanging and drooping? Were those maternity jeans ever attractive?

So, today I braved the mall. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve even stepped foot in the mall, but away we went. Peanut was stellar. I really could not have asked for better behavior in the racks, the dressing rooms or the lines. And I came away with a few staples that will help fill out a couple of holes I had and was feeling pretty good.

We stopped for lunch at a bakery in the mall for mama’s blood sugar and to reward peanut with a well-deserved cookie (after his sandwich, of course). And that’s when my shopping high came to a crashing halt.

Our lunch table was located directly across from here. With it’s cute this and adorable that and darned sale sign in the window. Ugh. Way to hit a girl when she’s down.

Good thing peanut didn’t finish his cookie so I could at least replace the shopping high with a sugar one.

3 thoughts on “What Not (Because You Can’t Fit In It) to Wear

  1. Were you upstairs in Lenox?? I always covet things in Anthropologie, but have never made a purchase there. Maybe once I’m sure the pregnancy wardrobe is no longer on my agenda, I’ll venture there for a splurge… 🙂

  2. You can totally get the adorable tunic or something like it. But Anthropologie will get you, preggers or not, everytime. One day when I’m a grown up I’ll actually get to shop there. 🙂

  3. Damn you Anthropologie with your beautiful, but very pricey clothing! I can’t go in there because I always find too many lovely things, esp. housewares and bedding.
    I agree, you could totally wear the tunic during you pregnancy!

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