Homeward Bound

As always, I have mixed feelings about going home. I love being there, seeing our families, watching peanut with them, relaxing back into the fold of familiarity, not having to cook my own meals.

But the getting there. Bleh. We’ve done this trip enough times, you’d think I have it down to a science…and I do, except for the fact that for every five items I get in the suitcase, peanut takes out three and puts in two that we don’t actually need (today – an umbrella and a pillow case). And the snack bag is usually overflowing with a variety of goodies for peanut, but add in the pregnant lady who has to eat every 1.5 hours and the bazillion bottles of water that will only cause us to stop every 30 minutes for a pee break, and the car is going to be packed to the gills.

Not to mention the guilt trip we always put ourselves through on the way about living far away, do we go home enough, how can we fit in as many possible visits and activities without totally overwhelming our child…I’m exhausted before we ever leave the house.

And then peanut had to go and say it…

All morning he’s been asking when we’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. As I was getting him ready for his rest time, he picked out his stories and asked again “Where’s Grandma?” (when Grandma’s around, she usually volunteers for story duty). I told him we’d see Grandma tomorrow when we got to her house and that she’d be happy to read him stories then.

“No, Grandma come here.”

I tried to tell him again that we were going to Grandma and Grandpa’s and we’d see all his aunts and uncles, Nana, Opa and Grand Pam and his cousins – don’t you want to go there?

“No. They come to my house.”


Let the guilt trip begin again.

At least the real trip should be fun – a stop in the Queen City tonight. A family picnic and play time Saturday. And I have a date night scheduled Saturday…with my sister. I just need to work on a teleporting machine that gets us there with a twitch of my nose and a little wink. I’ll let you now how that works out.

Have a wonderful holiday and don’t forget to spend some time remembering the reason we have a three-day weekend in the first place. Puts my traveling 6 hours in a car in better perspective.

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