Summer Vacation: Ready, Set, GO, GO, GO!

Somehow, what started out as a quiet summer with one trip planned to Massachusetts has now turned into three trips within five weeks.

We start next week by heading home for Memorial Day. With the three-day weekend coming up, we figured no time like the present to squeeze in a family visit. It’s really important to us that peanut know and bank memories with his family despite their distance. Since we haven’t been home since February and probably won’t be home for the holidays this year with a new born in tow, it seemed like good timing.

We had already planned a trip to see the extended family at “Camp Massachusetts” (aka, my aunt and uncle’s house) towards the end of June. These visits were so important to me as a child, that it’s equally as important that my peanut know his roots, not to mention I could use some good old fashioned family lovin’ (and Uncle M’s apple raspberry pie doesn’t hurt either). We weren’t able to make it up last summer, so this was the first trip to make it on our summer schedule when we found a great airfare deal.

Now, suddenly, we’re planning a third trip smack in the middle of those other two. This time, to catch a shuttle launch. The hubby is a space geek – loves all things NASA and has always wanted to see a launch. He’s since rubbed off this obsession on the peanut, as much as a nearly three year old can be obsessed with anything that isn’t Thomas or Elmo. So, we find ourselves gearing up for the mid-June launch and I’m researching nearby beach options (anyone have any advice about things to do or avoid near Cape Canaveral?) to make it a family vacation, just the three of us – which I’ve realized we’ve never actually done. Sure, we’ve traveled together, but usually some aspect of family is involved. We haven’t really gone somewhere the three of us. With a fourth on the way, this suddenly has become very important to me.

I know now is the time to do all this traveling – before I’m huge and uncomfortable. But looking at them all lined up on the calendar is making me a bit stressed out.

So, I’m going to spend the evening researching portable DVD players and kid’s headphones to get us through the two car trips and the plane ride north. I’m going to suck it up and try on last year’s tankini and consider the horrors of buying a maternity bathing suit (really? ugh). I’m going to start making lists of items to pack for next weekend and finalize our trip itinerary for at least the first trip. I’m going to charge up the camera and video batteries to capture every last beautiful moment of Summer 2009.

Because as stressful and intimidating as three trips in five weeks can be, I can’t wait for each and every one of them.


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation: Ready, Set, GO, GO, GO!

  1. What’s wrong with a maternity bathing suit? It’s like fashion’s permission slip to look like a floating blob. Don’t forget oh-how-refreshing it is swimming when you’re pregnant… you won’t care how you look!

  2. Oh good luck with the shuttle launch! They are awesome – we always saw them from the backyard or the school parking lot growing up! That will be so fun.

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