Party of Four

High Heeled Mama is packing up the heels for another summer of swollen ankles and flats and making room for the high chair at the table. Yup, we’re expecting baby number two!

The hubby and I are very excited and I’m thrilled to finally share this news with all of you. I feel like I’ve known forever (mainly because I’m freakishly in-tune with my own body and I totally knew about a week before my period was even due not to mention missed), but due to my own paranoia about sharing too early, I’ve been mum. But, I’m just over 14 weeks (due November 1), I’ve heard the little pumpkin’s heart beat twice now, seen it dancing away during a sonogram and, quite honestly, if you saw me in person these days, it would be hard to hide.
Um, yeah, that showing earlier thing the second time around is certainly true in my case. Although I’m not sure if it is because my ab muscles were more than happy to let go at the first opportunity or because I actually haven’t been sick this time around (unlike with peanut) and have been eating pretty much non-stop for weeks. Either way, there is definitely a baby bump. Thank goodness for those post-pregnancy fat pants, though! Haven’t had to resort to maternity wear just yet (but they’re unpacked and in the drawer, just in case).

Peanut giving up his nap about the same time we got pregnant has not been helpful. I’ve spent the last three months just surviving the days. I remember being tired when I was pregnant with peanut, but this has been the most bone-crushing exhaustion I’ve ever felt. No matter how much sleep I got at night or how long I managed to nap during those rare occasions, I woke up just as tired as I went to bed. I felt like I was in a fog. Television became a very good friend at our house so I could catch a nap during Clifford while peanut was mesmerized on the couch next to me. The day I put my head down on the dining table and dosed off while peanut was eating his lunch was probably a low point.

The exhaustion fog finally started to lift last week. I’m still tired, but I am not reduced to a puddle of tears at 3pm when peanut hasn’t napped and I’m desperate for just a few minutes of quiet time. The fog lifting also indicated just how bad the house has gotten during the last three months. Household chores took a major backseat with only the bare minimum getting done. The fact that I’m seeing the mess is a good sign that my energy is returning, when I actually feel like doing something about it, then we’ll know I’m back in the saddle.

I have tons more to say about the challenges of parenting a toddler while pregnant, the things the pregnancy books should address when it’s not your first pregnancy and the whole cravings thing (wow, did not really encounter this nearly as much during pregnancy one), but these are all topics for future posts.

So thank you for being patient with me the last few months and being here to share in this experience. It should be quite a ride!

8 thoughts on “Party of Four

  1. Congrats to you both! You’re my 5th friend who is expecting/just had baby #2, so I know it’s exciting and challenging. Looking forward to reading more about it here!

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