The Secret to a Good Nap

Peanut has now taken a nap two days in a row.

Friday, I’m convinced he napped because the hubby was working from home and I had a hair appointment. Of course he’d nap on a day when I don’t get to reap the benefits, right? That, and one of his buddies was here to play and have lunch mid-day while his mommy was out at an appointment. I think they wore each other out being firefighters.

Saturday, our little Tar Heel family headed down to the Georgia Dome for ACC Fan Fest. We didn’t have tickets to the games, but figured we could participate in the (free) events that go along with it. So we donned our Carolina blue and drove down the street. Ah, thank you huge inflatable slide. You were just high enough that my two-year-old wore himself out climbing up the 20-odd times he wanted to slide down.

That’s one fast toddler!

And so he napped again. Ah. Peace. Of course naps meant that he was up at 7am this morning. Not pleasant. But beggars can’t be choosers, right?


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