Shocking Night of Reality TV

Hi, my name is High Heeled Mama, and I’m a reality-TV-aholic.

[Hi, High Heeled Mama.]

I’d like to think that my taste is more high brow – I love Project Runway, Amazing Race and Top Chef. These shows are always interesting to me for the fashion/the travel/the cooking and the underlying theme of the show does not tend to be overshadowed by the drama of their individual contestants.

Unfortunately, my theory is blown since I did watch the entire train wreck season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and have no real excuse for why I couldn’t find anything better to do with my Tuesdays at 10pm. Now, I do NOT watch “The Bachelor.” Well, I don’t watch ALL of it. I tend to tune in when it gets to four and watch the remaining few episodes.

So imagine my surprise at last night’s finale. What?! Are you serious? Did he really just say that?

Did he say he put his nearly four year old down for a NAP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh, you thought I meant that whole thing where he proposed, she accepted, then he brought her on national television to break up with her then make-out on the couch with the girl he originally kicked aside? Not nearly as shocking to me as the nap thing. Not even close.

7 thoughts on “Shocking Night of Reality TV

  1. You are hilarious.. we did the same double take!! He’s nearly four and he’s still napping?! Though, should we put much weight in his parenting, if this is an example of his choices?

  2. Our 3yo still naps. He naps at daycare as well. He can go without one for sure, but if you stick him in the car without one, he is out in five minutes. It’s definitely not the end of the world though if he doesn’t get one. I am just floored with last nights show. I am so curious for tonights.

  3. I have three kids and my first napped until he went to Kinder.. he even slept some days at Kindergarden. Amazing!! My two girls, turned two and stopped almost to the day. You’ll get through it, I promise! (Either that or drive him around with the heat on until he falls asleep.)

  4. I’ve never watched The Bachelor and I do consider myself the “high brow” Reality type. Like you, my favorites are Amazing Race, Top Chef, and Project Runway (though we still watch Survivor…and anything with Gordon Ramsay…). So, I’m with you, I have NO IDEA why I got sucked into the Real Housewives of OC! NO IDEA!! They’re AWFUL people, yet I kept watching it! RH of NY, now, I actually like them. But still…

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