And Then They Say Something Adorable

Since giving up the nap, peanut is a little, um, sensitive just before dinner. The 5 to 6pm hour is by far the worst while I’m trying to get dinner ready and the hubby isn’t home yet and peanut is clamoring for attention.

We lucked out last night – the hubby had a meeting near home in the late afternoon and was home by 5:15. He immediately got to work on installing the remaining child locks on peanut’s dresser drawers (cue the Alleluia chorus that HHM might not have to pick up every shirt, PJ bottom and pair of pants peanut owns today).

Needless to say, peanut was not too happy that daddy was home but wasn’t completely devoted to his entertainment. There were maybe 3 time outs in half an hour for throwing toys. I was getting nervous that dinner was going to include a complete meltdown as a result.

I was pleasantly surprised! Instead, peanut used his fork like a pro, only dumped a few peas on the floor on purpose and cleaned his plate. When he was finished, he started clapping, looked at me and said:

“Good job with the dinner mommy!”

Who knew pot roast and mashed potatoes would elicit an ovation?

3 thoughts on “And Then They Say Something Adorable

  1. Wow, that is so sweeet! Sounds like he knew that you needed that. Good job, T! (And you arent’ alone on that 5-6 pm hour being unbearable, either!)

  2. I’ve been following the no-nap saga, my sympathies are with you. I could have taken that SAME pic once (on the last post) and for us, it was vick’s vapo-rub and diaper cream. I’m pretty sure that’s the day we emptied his room of anything *I* would have to deal with and started making him pick up by himself after “quiet time”. It *does* get better, though – hang in there, the dresser locks will help!

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