Feeling Uninspired

Quiet time is still a challenge over here. It typically includes several checks when I hear noises I can’t identify. Sadly, I’m typically justified – there was the standing in the bottom dresser drawer one day, the trash can overturned in the hamper another, the hand sanitizer pumped all over the floor.

I’m not sure how to enforce quiet time and, as a result, am spending my precious moments while peanut’s behind closed doors trying to figure it out, attempting to get some PR work done for the hubby’s side-line project, and taking deep breaths while I count to 10 feeling my sanity wane with each bump, thump and crash coming from down the hall. Add in a few other distractions that are renting entirely too much space in my mind and I’m feeling overall uninspired.

The bright spot in all this “adjustment” is my mommy friends. Oh, ladies, what would I do without you and your honesty? It is so comforting to know that we’re all struggling with the same toddler mood swings, tantrums and frustrating self-doubt that we’re doing the right things. And I find it much easier to take a step back and honestly assess my own actions when I’m recounting my response to a tantrum to my girlfriends. It’s also a lot easier to find the humor in a pumped out bottle of hand sanitizer when you see a friend’s toddler throw himself on the ground, refusing to budge because his milk is in the car – the exact place we’re headed if he’d simply keep on walking.

Although I’m feeling uninspired, I am feeling supported, loved and not alone. So thank you for all your comments and listening to my annoying “he’s still not napping” stories over and over again. And be comforted by the fact that when your child finally gives up his nap, I’ll be here to return the favor.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired

  1. Thank you for all the forewarning of what’s to come, since there’s NOT a doubt in my mind C. will pump hand-sanitizer onto the floor (his head, etc.)

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