Paging my Patience

Have you seen it? It’s calm, cool, collected. It takes deep breaths, smiles a lot, has a few activities up her sleeve? It’s been missing for at least 48 hours.

Oh, the terrible twos. Peanut and I are currently involved in a power struggle of massive proportions magnified by the fact that he’s taking the same jump out of bed tact that he used when we were attempting the big boy bed, only now he’s scaling his crib walls in a single bound, thereby going on his third day in a row with no nap.

My patience is wearing as thin as peanut’s sleep-deprived skin.

It looks like we’ll be going back to the big boy set-up to avoid any headers in the dark out of the crib and hope we can institute afternoon rest time in lieu of a nap, should this trend continue. But I’m just not ready. I haven’t had a moment to myself in three days (I’m stealing this time while he’s reading books in his room). I doubt every decision and word out of my mouth. I’ve yelled more times than I care to even admit.

I’m tired of arguing about washing hands, cleaning up, buckling up…why can’t he hear those requests when he very easily and eagerly hears ones related to playing at the playground, having a snack or watching a video?

This too shall pass…and until it does, thank goodness for mom’s night out tonight. As long as the bartender doesn’t give me attitude, I should be in a much better state of mind in about 5 hours.


5 thoughts on “Paging my Patience

  1. Mom’s night out sounds like EXACTLY what you need.. the right amount of Mom-support (and drinks) should set you straight. I’m sorry to hear the nap battles, he must be exhausted. C. climbed out of his crib (landing with hysterical crying) last week and so far, apparently it scared him enough to stay in there.We’ll see. Deep breaths and deep sips. (:

  2. Oh how I feel your pain. Lila’s been crawling out of the crib for the last six weeks. She’ll go down okay, but will crawl out once she wakes up. She’s gotten limber at it and can get out with out hurting herself so we’re just going to keep the gate closed at the top of the stairs! I’m hoping to postpone the big girl bed for as long as possible. Now we’re enduring night terrors in the middle of the night for up to two hours – the sleep drama never ends! Good luck.

  3. Good luck! Perhaps you should consider building a moat? Unless him splashing in water seem like too much of a reward…then again it might be a good trade off if you end up getting him bathed at the same time….

  4. We are so terrible two’s right now, too! What a change.I thought of you the other day when a friend gave me advise about moving to a big bed. Put a baby gate in the doorway of the bedroom so even if he gets out, he’s confined to the room, and not running into yours in the wee small hours. Of course, that’s assuming he can’t climb over a baby gate! 🙂 Anyway, worked for that friend. We haven’t arrived at that challenge yet, still in the crib!

  5. Sounds like a night out is definitely needed! It is insane how good they are at pushing our buttons. It will get better. I would definitely inforce a “rest” time. Once I get a movie on and the little one laying on the couch, it doesn’t take long for him to fall asleep.

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