Happy Thursday

Since taking the front rail off of the peanut’s crib to turn it into a big boy bed, our wake-ups have gotten earlier and earlier each day. The last two days he’s been up and wanting to play before 6am. This is NOT acceptable. Yesterday, I ran out to Target to buy a nightlight we could plug into a timer so we could use a visual cue for wake-up time. Fabulous. Feeling like a genius parent with an action plan. Pull it out last night and to my GREAT disappointment, the damn thing didn’t work. How is it that I got the defective night light?


And we were greeted by a very awake toddler at 5:45am as a reward.

So, I needed Happy Thursday to remind me of all the good while I struggle to stay awake despite the amount of caffeine I’ve ingested today. In no particular order, I am happy today because:

1. We had a great dinner at Flip last night to celebrate the hubby’s birthday. Peanut behaved fairly well and the food was excellent. I have to say, I was skeptical about the Krispy Kreme milk shake…but it was DELICIOUS! And we even saw “the man” there.

2. We are getting closer and closer every day to welcoming our newest nephew into the family. High Heeled Sister-In-Law is due any day and every time the phone rings, we are hoping for news that he’s getting ready to make an entrance. Imagine how disappointed I am when it’s the hubby’s health plan reminding me we can receive our prescriptions through the mail.

3. I ran into a friend at dinner last night who totally stroked my ego about this blog. Thanks again, A!

4. Peanut has the most ridiculous Flock of Seagulls cowlick today that I can’t help but smile every time I look at him.

5. Peanut ate something other than grilled cheese for lunch today. It’s all he wants to eat. Every. Day. He eats a variety at breakfast, a variety at dinner, but for some reason, lunch is his comfort zone. Today, I actually “made” lunch: sauteed some zucchini and mushrooms in garlic and tossed it with cheese ravioli and grated Parmesan cheese. Peanut and I both devoured it!

6. “Lost” is on the DVR and primed for viewing this evening. (Yes, we chose UNC basketball over the premier – I’m assuming regardless of whatever secrets were revealed last night they’re still “lost,” so I couldn’t have missed much!).

7. My emissions inspection took no time this morning. Whew! Nothing like trying to keep a toddler occupied while in a gas station waiting room the size of a postage stamp.

8. Just found out ANOTHER friend is preggo! CONGRATS!

Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday!


One thought on “Happy Thursday

  1. I was totally surprised to see “The Man”! weren’t you? Didn’t really think he’d actually be there all the time. My cousin knows “Jamie” who is on Top Chef, now. I feel like we might be just a little bit famous for seeing The Man or knowing someone who knows another cheffie? Don’t you? 🙂

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