A New Day

DC sure knows how to put on pomp and circumstance. The architecture of the city was planned specifically to intimidate and impress leaders from other countries. It sure feels majestic when you click down busy streets in the shadows of the Capitol building, cut through the freshly mowed grass in Lafayette Park or pause for a motorcade on Connecticut Ave. It feels intimidating when you’re dwarfed by the columns and feel the cold, smooth, everlasting marble under your palms. It impresses when you realize you are one of many ghosts to pass through this place and that the ghosts of great men and women preceded you.

Today, the images from CNN of two miles of Mall lawn filled with a mass of humanity to witness the truly inspiring peaceful transfer of power caught in my throat. Regardless of your politics, inauguration day is a big deal. The fact that a new leader stands before his country to promise he will work hard at protecting our lives, our jobs, our families, our place in this world always gives me hope. Even when I have disagreed with the fundamental policies of the men to take that office, I have still watched with excitement and hope of what our country can achieve when I see them put their hand on the bible and swear to uphold the office of President.

Today I have hope. Today I have hope that one day a woman will stand in that place of honor. Today I have hope that my son will grow up in a strong country full of opportunity. Today I have hope…oh goodness. I’m starting to sound like “Red.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Jill Biden is rocking the inauguration with some sassy high-heeled boots and some knee showing. And Michelle is looking as fabulous as always and I can’t wait to stay glued to CNN and see what she’s wearing to the balls tonight. Some High Heeled Mamas in the White House – maybe one day we’ll see one actually behind the desk, but for now, for today, I’ll settle for the hope of a new day.


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