Mental Breathing Room

We took the front rail off of peanut’s crib on Friday so it’s now a daybed-type situation. We put up a small safety rail to facilitate the transition to his big boy bed and to keep our very active peanut from rolling out (peanut calls it his “little fence”).

Nighttime routines have been a breeze. No big change. He climbs in, doesn’t climb out, typical chattering before blessed quiet. No big deal.

Mornings, we’re up a little earlier simply because he can get out instead of us snoozing a few extra minutes while he was contained, but it’s not that much earlier, so I can’t really complain. And it’s pretty cute to hear the patter of little feet, door swinging open and a loud announcement of “I’m AWAKE!” Then he tears off down the hall to his toys in the den.

Nap time, however, has been a whole other can of worms. A can I am beginning to wonder why we opened. Saturday, our first attempt, took about an hour and a half of putting him back in the bed every few minutes. Sunday, daddy’s attempt (of course), took only about a half hour and one put back in the bed (why are they always better for daddy?!). Monday, back and forth, back and forth. Result? No nap.

Today I was determined we weren’t going to have a repeat of yesterday. If for no other reason, than the kid still needs a nap – he is not in the ready to give up his nap category yet. He was practically falling asleep at dinner last night and completely cranky for the whole of the afternoon/evening and I don’t have the stamina to do that two nights in a row.

I put him down, tucked him in, kiss, kiss, night, night. Told him big boys stay in their big boy beds. About 10 minutes after I put him down, he opened the door to his room. He caught sight of me down the hall. He quickly shut the door and apparently ran back into the bed throwing the covers over him. By the time I reached his room, it looked like he’d never gotten out – except for the giggling and guilty look. Then, about 10 minutes later, I heard one of his toys talking. Back in bed, toy removed from room. About 5 minutes later, another toy talking. Back in bed, toy removed from room. After an hour of back and forth, I sat outside his room, eyes pressed to the crack in the door so I could immediately go in and replace him in the bed when he hopped out. It took three more tries and he finally FINALLY fell asleep.

While I was watching him, though, I was in for quite a show. There was jumping, tucking in of the stuffed animals, throwing of the stuffed animals out of the bed, dancing, pants removal, socks removal, drumming, socks placed on hands, karate chops with accompanying “Hi-Yah!”, and then, after the final put back and tuck in, he lay there picking his nose for 10 minutes until he literally fell asleep with a finger in his nose.

Some things I didn’t need to know, you know?

It’s amazing to realize how much I mentally need his nap time. While I was sitting on the floor outside his room, I wasn’t really doing anything, but I was exhausted. As soon as he was asleep and I was free to do whatever I needed to, I was immediately energized – or at the very least, relaxed and clear-headed. As mom, we’re always on. Always moving. Always, always, always. Go, go, go.

It’s nice to have a moment, no matter how long or short, but a moment where you don’t have to worry, think, move, and, let’s be honest, check your blog reader and Facebook!

A girl’s gotta have an outlet.


4 thoughts on “Mental Breathing Room

  1. We had a tough time with Sammy at nap time when he moved to his big bed. For a few weeks we had to remove all of the toys from his room, and then his books. It looked like he was in an institution. But eventually he got over it and went to sleep on his own, even once we started putting things back in. Good luck!

  2. Nap time is definitely needed (for eveyone).I love the pants and socks removal along with the socks on the hands. At least he put on a good show for you.

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