Happy New Year!

Ever notice how at the end of every year, we all seem eager to say goodbye to the year that was and eagerly, optimistically look forward to the year to come? I mean, is every year that bad or is it just the promise of a clean slate, the turning over of a new year that gives us all hope? Kind of like how every April felt to Red Sox fans from 1918 to 2004.

Granted, in some ways and for some out there, it is a year to say goodbye and good riddance to, bring on 2009. For me? 2008 was simply a so-so year. Nothing too exciting. Nothing too dramatic. Nothing too anything.

2008 was the year of routine. Peanut’s officially a one-nap kid. He gets up, eats, naps and goes to bed at the same times every day. We have our scheduled activities. Every day looks pretty much the same as the day before – as it pertains to structure, anyway. And that works for us.

2008 was also the year of a few learning experiences: the panic attack, the guilt trip, the crumbling economy and how we can continue to prepare for our one-income household becoming a no-income household just in case the hubby’s job disappears (not a likely event right now, but in media and with a new parent company…you just never know..and the hubby and I are both oldest children, meaning we’re planners).

2008 was the year of the sister-in-law’s wedding which meant peanut’s inaugural experience with the ocean. It was also the year that marked our 10-year anniversary (still in disbelief it’s been that long) and our first trip as parents without our child.

2008 and was the year of some tough decisions. It was the year I struggled with this stay-at-home-mom job in a way that I had not experienced yet. It was the year we again struggled with the distance that separates us from our families.

In the grand scheme of things, though, 2008 just kind of was.

And because it was simply another year checked off the calendar, I think I’d like to make 2009 a little better, a little brighter, a little more engaged and exciting. I’m hoping it will be the year of potty training (please, oh please!). It will certainly be the year that my toddler hits “big boy” status since he’s been slowly loosing baby status for the last year anyway. It will be the year of baby, baby, baby since at least 6 people I know right now are expecting baby number two in 2009 (seriously, what are you ladies drinking?!). It will be the year I focus on myself in a way I haven’t before.

And 2009 will be the year of the high heeled mamas! We will definitely be doing a wear your heels to wherever week soon…

So goodbye 2008, hello 2009. I wish you all a year filled with whatever brings you peace, happiness and joy!

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